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Another success for C-architecture at a difficult site in Windsor

Our client came to us with an ambitious proposal for a historically difficult site. They wished to build a new eco home for their retirement, however, part of the site was in the green belt. Previous owners of the site had already tried and failed to gain permission for a new house, with their applications and appeals all denied.

Our client had been searching for the right architect to work with on their project for five years, before meeting with us. Due to our existing positive planning track-record with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council (4 applications and 4 approvals) and our 100% success rate of gaining planning permission at green belt sites, we were appointed to their project.

We adopted a landscape-led approach to the project, because of the green belt restrictions on part of the site, and worked with a planting specialist to optimise the solution for their new home. Our proposal for a stylish and contemporary eco-friendly house that is tailored to the site and respectful of the surrounding landscape gained planning consent at first submission to the council.

We are now in the process of putting together the building regulations application.

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